Subjects To Be Offered


On the basis of the present syllabus of Bihar Board & CBSE, the HRD has taken a decision to introduce new syllabus on following pattern:


(i) Hindi   (ii) English   (iii) Arabic   (iv) Persian

The students have to choose two languages at Eleven(XI) and Twelve(XII) level from this group.

2. OPTIONAL(Vaikalpik) Subjects Group

Sc. (i) Maths
(ii) Physics
(iii) Chemistry
  (iv) Biology
  (v) Computer Sc.
Arts. (i) History
  (iii) Economics
  (iv) Sociology
  (v) Psychology
  (vi) Philosophy
  (vi) Home Science
Comm. (i) Business Studies
  (ii) Accountancy
  (iii) Entrepreneurship

In addition to above subjects,students may choose one more subjects either from language group or from optional group as additional subjects.

B.A., B.Sc.,B.Com(Hons & Gen) Exams

DURATION: Three years for Hons & Gen. Both.

OPTIONAL Subjects B.A. (Hons):- A candidate for B.A.(Hons) exam, shall choose one Hons subject and two subsidiary subjects and for B.A.(Gen./pass)courses shall choose three(3) subsidiary subjects from the following list of subjects:-

(1) Any one of the following language and literature subjects :- English/Hndi/Urdu/Arabic/Persian and (2)History (3) (4) Economics (5) Sociology (6) Philosophy (7) Home Science(for Girls only) (8) Mathematics (9)Psychology (10) Any other subjects as Permitted conditionally in Spl.Cases of students coming on transfer.

(i) Provided that at B.A.Hons Exam if a student chooses one of the language & literature subjects as the Hons.subject he/she may have one other language & literature subjects as subsidiary subject also in his/her combination. (Extract from regulation for B.A.Exam Gen/Hons.3yrs from the session 1988-89-P.P7 Para One-Magadh University)

(ii) Every candidate will study (a) or (b)from the following for composition subject.

(a) Hindi composition for Hindi students:-100 Marks
(b) Hindi N.L.(50 marks)plus one of the following languages (50 Marks)Urdu ,English,and any other if allowed .This shall be identical at Part-I ,Part-II and at part III General studies will be one paper and no composition subject at Gen.or Hons.Final Exam.

B.Sc. Hons & Gen Examination

Admission of girls will also be allowed in A candidate for B.Sc (Hons/Gen) examination shall have to choose three optional subjects from the following;-
Physics,Chemistry,Botany,Zoology and Mathematics.Out of these three any one subject may be choosen as Hons,subject and the remaining two will be subsidiary subjects.
IMPORTANT:-Provided that a candidate shall not choose:-

(1) Mathematics - Unless he has passed I.Sc.exam in Mathematics.
(2) Physics - Unless he has passed I.Sc.exam in Physics & Mathematics.
(3) Chemistry - Unless he has passed I.Sc.exam in Chemistry.
(4) Boatany & Zoology - Unless he has passed I.Sc.exam in Biology
(5) Composition Subject (One Paper)- As Per details given regarding B.A.exam ,composition subject has to be offered by a B.Sc.student also at B.Sc,part-III exam and no composition subject at part-III

B.Com Hons & Gen Examination

The H.O.D. commerce will kindly give full guidance to the students about subjects ,group of subjects,distributions of marks,etc.Students after or before Admission may contact the H.O.D. Commerce for all such information