E-content for Students of Oriental College BOTANY

Sr No.E-content Topic DetailsFaculty NameSubjectCourseContact DetailsLink
1 ENZYME Dr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc.Part- 3(Honours) Paper-5, Group- B9430294244Click to View
2 ErysipheDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part -1(Honours) , Paper-1, Group-A 9430294244Click to View
3 ErysipheDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part-1 (H) , Paper -1 Group -A9430294244Click to View
4 Reproduction of LichensDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part 1(Hòns&Subsi) Paper-1 Group-A9430294244Click to View
5 Asymbiotic N2 Fixation. Dr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part -1(Hons.& Subsi) Paper -2 Group -A 9430294244Click to View
6 RanunculaceaeDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part 2 ( Hons.&Subsi) Paper- 3, Group- B 9430294244Click to View
7 Affinities of GnetumDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc.-2 (H), Paper-III, Gr.-A9430294244Click to View
8 Reproduction of Gametophyte of AnthocerosDr. Yasmin BanoBOTANYB.Sc.-I (H+S), Paper-I, Gr.- C9504110220Click to View
9 Gnetum StrobilusDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part- 2 Paper-3 Group-A 9430294244Click to View
10 LICHENSDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part 1 Botany Hons &Subsi Group A 9430294244Click to View
11 GnetumDr. Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part 2 Botany Hons &Subsi Paper 3 Group A9430294244Click to View
12 Reproduction of AnthocerosDr. Yasmin BanoBOTANYB.Sc.-1(H&S),Paper- 1 Group- B. 9504110220Click to View
13 Environmental BiologyDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part- 3( H), Paper- 7, Group- A 9430294244Click to View
14 Energy Flow in an Ecosystem Dr. Md.Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.sc.Part 3 Paper 79430294244Click to View
15 Anthoceros Internal Structure._Dr. Yasmin BanoBOTANYB.Sc.-I (H+S), Paper- 1 Group- B9504110220Click to View
16 Anthoceros Habit & Habitat External StructureDr. Yasmin BanoBOTANYB.Sc.-1(H&S), Paper-I, Group-B9504110220Click to View
17 Environmental BiologyDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc.-3(H), Paper-7, Group-A9430294244Click to View
18 Industrial Importance of Bacteria and Fungi Dr. Md Manawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc.-I (H+S), Paper-II9430294244Click to View
19 Evolution of SexDr. Md Manawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part-1 (Hons. & Sub.), Paper-I9430294244Click to View
20 History of MicrobiologyDr. Md Monawwar EqbalBOTANYB.Sc. Part-1 (Hons.), Paper-II9430294244Click to View
21 Botany Syllabus BOTANYB.A. Part- I, II & III Syllabus Click to View